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Words from our River Family

Moneke in kayak class


I loved paddling with Kayak Trips and training! I can’t think of a better way to learn and level up your skills than with folks who look out for you. I’ve taken 2 trips and will keep coming!

Michelle with manatee


I wouldn't have the confidence that I now have on the water, without taking training from John and Dustin. They made me feel so comfortable and empowered. I found an amazing family owned business that makes everyone feel welcomed and a part of their family. I had an amazing time on my first manatee trip, which won't be my last, and made some new friendships and lifelong memories. Thank you John, Dustin, and Judy for making this a great way to start 2024. Big hugs and I can't wait to defend my Phase 10 title!

Rebecca, a past client


Kayak trips and training is an important part of our paddling community.  I have recommended the company to numerous people. My first trip with them was in 2017. What started as a business relationship quickly turned into friendship.

Monica in the Okefenokee


I joined this bunch 7 years ago for a fun labor weekend on the Etowah. Later on, I took the class with John and learned a lot. Fast forward and I have joined them in several of the fun trips to the a Okefenokee (several times), Manatees, Etowah and I have always had fun and enjoyed my time kayaking, with the bonus of making new friends each time. John, Dustin, and Clint had always been helpful in all these adventures. I have encouraged people I know and ones I do not know, through kayak sites, to take classes with John and his team.  Never disappoints, always amazing.

Mike and Laurie, past clients

Mike and Laurie

After kayaking our local lake for a couple years, we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful rivers in our area but felt unsure where or how to start. We took the intro class with John, where we also met Clint and Dustin, and were surprised at how much there was to learn. John covered a lot in one day and we had a ton of fun. Since that day, we’ve joined John and company whenever possible to explore the Chattahoochee, the Etowah, and even the Okefenokee swamp! (Never thought we’d be doing that!) We trust them with helping us build skills while focusing on safety and look forward to many more trips with our new river friends and family! - Mike and Laurie

kayaking class


I’ve been kayaking with John and Dustin since 2018. It can be hard to join a new group, especially when you are by yourself. They welcomed me like an old friend on the first trip I attended. They’ve not only taught me how to kayak and taken me down many gorgeous rivers in Georgia; they’ve also given me a river family. 

Courtesy of our river friends, Becki, Debbie, Mark, Jill, and Larry

A chance to see one of the several rivers that are included in our Manatee trips.

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